Drew Doughty, on any difference between this year’s and last year’s conference final:
I think we’ve got a better team this year than last year. We’ve got some new additions. We’ve got some D-men like Muzz, who is playing a lot better than he was last year. He’s a lot more confident and has that experience now. We’ve got Gabby in the trade and Gabby’s been a huge fit to this team. He’s produced a lot of points and helped us a lot offensively and putting him with Kopi is great too. I think some of those little things make us a better team this year. Hopefully we can take advantage of what we learned from last year.

Doughty, on the possibility of Willie Mitchell returning:
I’m sure that he’ll be good to go at some point this series. I don’t know when, but it’ll be good to get him back. He’s a great defenseman, an experienced guy in this league. We’ll need him against that power play. They’ve got a good power play and they have good forwards. It’ll be tough to stop them.

Doughty, on coming from behind in a playoff series:
You can’t ever predict how your playoff season is going to go. It doesn’t matter how it happens to us, as long as we’re winning. But against a team like this, if we go down 2, 3-0 it’s going to be really hard to come back from it. They’re ex-Stanley Cup champs for a reason. They have a great team. They have very good players on that team that are coached well. We definitely can’t put ourselves in a hole against this team.