When a 21-year-old kid signs a document that will pay him $56 million, there are going to be changes.

For Drew Doughty, he made the transition from promising young star to highest-paid player on his team in September, but it didn't go as smoothly as he would have hoped. After missing training camp because of prolonged contract negotiations, Doughty signed his new contract and joined the Los Angeles Kings on their European excursion to start the season.

He was injured four games into the campaign, and after he came back, he wasn't meeting the incredibly high expectations, both externally and internally.

"Yeah, I think that's probably why I struggled the first half of the year, put all that pressure on myself with a big contract," Doughty said. "I just wasn't doing the things I knew I could. I wasn't happy coming to the rink every day. I was disappointed in my play. I was disappointed that I wasn't playing up to the standards I had got myself into. Finally things started turning around. My play definitely got a lot better.