College of Charleston coach Doug Wojcik headed out on the recruiting trail on Thursday with the university's approval, a source close to the situation told ESPN.

Wojcik, who has been suspended for the month of August following an investigation of verbal abuse, did not go out on the road recruiting last week -- when the ever-important July recruiting period began.

The school announced that Wojcik would not go out recruiting this week, but granted permission -- sources told ESPN -- for Wojcik to head out this weekend to Augusta, Georgia, wheremultiple events in which college coaches evaluate high school players will take place.

The investigation of Wojcik, which was detailed in a 50-page report, found that he likely verbally abused players, using threatening, degrading and profane language in dealing with the team -- including using a homophobic slur against one player. Wojcik denied using the slur against the player in the report.

Wojcik's attorney, Scott Tompsett, said that Wojcik cooperated with the investigation and accepted the subsequent sanctions levied by the school, which included a suspension without pay for August and a mandate for long-term counseling and monitoring. Tompsett said a couple weeks ago that Wojcik was not planning to resign.