When asked to comment about the news that coach Doug Collins does not wish to return and will be coaching his last game in Indiana on Wednesday, most pleaded ignorance. They had yet to be told by Collins or anyone in the organization what has been decided. What seems to be settled, according to multiple sources, is that Collins and the team either have completed or are working on some kind of financial settlement, and that it will be announced as early as Thursday that Collins will not return for the final season of his contract.

Team public relations director Mike Preston informed the media gathered to talk to Collins before the game that "coach and the organization are aware of the reports, but neither will be commenting at this time. Please keep your questions to coach Collins about tonight's game."

So, there is nothing to report from the coach or the organization about the change, that is expected to come Thursday morning when Collins and owner Josh Harris are scheduled to speak. As for the players, they said they didn't know what was going to happen with Collins, but elaborated on their time spent with him.

"I've obviously progressed every year being with him, being an All-Star this year," said point guard Jrue Holiday. "Obviously, I can attribute that to him. It is weird growing with somebody and getting to places and accomplishing things that you wanted to accomplish then possibly the next year you have to start all over. There are a lot of unknowns. You don't know what's going to happen; it could be nerve-wracking.

"I definitely had the best relationship with him out of all my coaches. Probably because he did want that personal connection, and I do think he thrives off personal relationships. It is going to be weird, if it happens, not having him back here next year. He's probably the closest coach I've had."