This off-season the Utah Jazz made headlines multiple times. The first of those was when they traded the 14th and 21st pick with the Minnesota Timberwolves to move up to the 9th spot to draft Trey Burke. That was and has been the talk now for 2 months. Then shortly after that the Jazz let both big men go and did a trade with the Warriors to basically take on salary of overpaid players. This automatically got the reaction that Utah was tanking this next season and trying for Andrew Wiggins.

Then Hayward and Favors played in the USA game and looked good. Earlier the Jazz hired the Mailman to coach Favors and Kanter and the other big men and get them in tip top shape. After all of these things very few people and fans have been talking about Alec Burks. It’s not that he isn’t part of the “Core 4″ or “Core 5″ if it’s called that now but more because the other 4 have really gotten out there to gain the attention of the media.