We all kept waiting for the big name. The slam-dunk. The hire that would wow us all.

Never happened.

Chip Kelly’s first NFL coaching staff, now finally complete, is an odd collection of fired Cleveland Browns assistants, former Boston College and University of Oregon assistants and a few guys that, let’s face it, nobody has heard of.

If you were looking for star power, you didn’t get it.

Instead of Kirby Smart or Ray Horton as defensive coordinator, we got Billy Davis.

Instead of Ben McAdoo or Aaron Kromer as offensive coordinator, we got Pat Shurmur.

And right on down the line.

No bombshells. No grand slams. Just a bunch of names that made all of us repeatedly say in unison … “Okayyyyyy?”

That said, there is one crucial thing to remember here: None of us really has any clue what this staff is capable of.

The Eagles’ success from 2000 through 2008 was due in great part to Andy Reid’s original staff. When those guys gradually began leaving for promotions -- Ron Rivera, Leslie Frazier, John Harbaugh, Brad Childress, Steve Spagnuolo, Shurmur -- on top of the tragic death of Jim Johnson, that’s when the Eagles stopped enjoying the same level of success and gradually turned into a last-place team.