The first reaction is probably this: Why?

Why would the Nets entrust what they believe to be a contending core to a pair of hands and a set of eyes that have never coached a minute of basketball at any level before? Why would they be so reckless, so feckless? Jason Kidd was certainly a great player. It would seem he would be a terrific coach, but who knows? You want to take a flier on a maybe?

But the more you think about it, this is more and more the more appropriate question: Why not?

If you believe Kidd is coaching material, what is the point of ensuring he follows the how-to handbook? If you think he’ll have the goods in a year or two, why wouldn’t you think he already has the goods? And if you’re the Nets, and Phil Jackson doesn’t want the job, and Jeff Van Gundy seems lukewarm about the job, and you clearly haven’t identified your ideal candidate because if you had you would’ve hired him already ...

Well, why not?

Why not take a flier on a maybe? Especially this maybe?

“If you showed me 1,000 players who tell me they want to coach in the NBA,” a basketball executive said yesterday, “I’d tell you 995 of them should probably look for another line of work. And of the five that are left, four of them are gonna have to put in all the grunt work that every other coach has to put in: spend some time as a scout, as an assistant, interview for jobs you have no shot at, wait for your big break ...

“And this is the one out of a thousand I’d say, ‘This might just work.’ ”