It Happens probably a handful of times a week. A conversation, email, text or tweet will say: "The Sixers might be bad this year, but they're going to be good next year." The communicator will then bring up upcoming draft picks and the possibilities of rookies Michael Carter-Williams and still-injured Nerlens Noel.

But if you take a closer look, and really dissect the roster as to how it might look next season, you begin to realize that this will be a longer process than fans might want or be ready for.

You were warned, fans. General manager Sam Hinkie (when he does make one of his rare appearances outside his GM cave) has said as much. Coach Brett Brown regularly talks of growing the program and the patience that must be exhibited by him, the organization and his players.

Still, I keep hearing about next season. Sorry folks, but it ain't happening that quickly. There simply are way too many holes to fill, no matter how high the first couple of draft picks the Sixers have or how much money they'll have to spend on free agents.