Jack Capuano wants to make it clear there is a difference between pushing the pace of a hockey game and being reckless.

“The term that I use with our guys” he said Friday morning “is we want to play fast.”

Capuano was behind the Islanders bench last season when he led them to their first postseason appearance since 2007 and his group of young players set the NHL abuzz not just for their franchise revival but because of the speed with which they played as they stockpiled copious numbers of goals.
But after finishing the regular season seventh in the league in scoring (2.81 goals per game) they went to the postseason and gave them up almost as fast getting bounced by the top-seeded Penguins in six games.

So that reputation of run-and-gun settled upon them even if it were far from what they were trying to accomplish.

“We always want to work as a unit of five on the ice and that is in every zone especially in the defensive zone that’s where it starts” Capuano said before his team whipped the Predators 6-4 at the Coliseum. There are just two more preseason contests — both split-squad games on Sunday in Ottawa and Barrie Ontario — before the real season starts on Oct. 4 in Newark against the Devils.