Domonic Brown was a 20th Round Draft pick of the Phillies in 2006 out of Florida. He had a strong commitment to go to the University of Miami and play wide receiver for their vaunted football program. Apparently the Phillies waved more money at Brown than Hurricanes boosters did and he decided to pursue a baseball career with the Phillies. Brown is emblematic of recent Phillies draft strategy, in that he was seen as a raw, but highly athletic player with a ceiling of MLB All-Star and a floor of A-ball washout.

As a Minor Leaguer Brown came out of the chute strong with solid triple slashes at every level, a solid ISO at each level and good plate discipline. People may remember Jeff Stone who came up for the Phillies in 1984 as a much heralded prospect with speed to spare. Stone was an uber-athletic, raw player who tore through the minors. Much is made of how raw Stone was, but his BB rates were pretty solid in the minors (5.3% in Low A, 10.1% in A, 5.5% in High-A and 7.6% in Reading). No exceptionally high walk rates, but he didn't have a Sebastian Valle allergy to taking pitches. His K rate was also roughly similar to Brown's. Another similarity perhaps to Brown is that, in spite of plenty of speed and athleticism, Stone was a god-awful player defensively. Is it possible Brown is suffering from the same problems Jeff Stone encountered and was unable to adjust to?