Astros third baseman Matt Dominguez was back in the lineup one night after committing a career-high three errors.

Dominguez booted one ball and air-mailed three throws over the first baseman Thursday, but the official scorer didn’t rule one of the throws an error.

“It just kind of got away from me a little bit,” Dominguez said. “I’ll learn from it, and today is a new day. I’ll just move on.”

Dominguez, 23, gained a reputation for playing superb defense throughout his ascent from the minors to the majors.

“I’ve had an error in a game,” he said. “I cannot remember a time when I had two errors ever, so three was kind of a little hard to take. I just have to keep working hard and not take for granted my glove.

“I take a lot of pride in it. I don’t like it when I make errors. I take it a little harder if I make an error than if I go 0-for-4.”

Dominguez had committed only one error this season and led all third baseman in the majors with a .990 fielding percentage before Thursday.

“I was joking with Matty,” Astros manager Bo Porter said. “I told him when I pulled out of the parking garage last night for the drive home it was snowing outside. The odds of me pulling out of the garage and it snowing are just as good as the odds of him making three errors in a game again. It’s just a prime example of no matter how good you are, you can make errors.”