The decision by Stephen Ross to go after AEG in California will have no bearing on where the Miami Dolphins will play. They will remain in Miami. Mike Dee who spoke with the city council today in order to get the renovations passed for the stadium upgrades told the commission that the team will commit for 20 years and beyond. Covering the events of the day, including the votes, Doug Hanks of the Miami Herald has been keeping those in the "Twitter" universe informed.

The biggest key issue outside of the actual funding is a deal that will not be similar to the one passed in order to get the Miami Marlins a new stadium. The Marlins ownership and negotiation team assured the city that they would keep a competitive product on the field, after the stadium was built, the owners traded away most of their high end payroll and high profile players. The Miami-Dade Commissioners wan't written assurances from the Dolphins that a similar situation will not arise. The Dolphins have also agreed to open their financial books.