This offseason should follow one line of thinking that guides every decision.

Forget scheme fit and each player's personality makeup. The Miami Dolphins should take a W.W.B.F. (What Would Belichick Fear?) approach to rebuilding this franchise.

This whole offseason is about closing the cavern between the Dolphins and Bill Belichick's mighty New England Patriots, the franchise that has ruled over the AFC East for nearly a decade.

Sure there was Miami's miraculous division championship season in 2008. But lets not pretend that didn't happen while Tom Brady, New England's legendary quarterback, was sidelined with a torn knee.

New England has owned the division every year since, and if we're going to be honest, the Dolphins haven't even been close. While losing Wes Welker to Denver will hurt the Patriots it won't completely close the talent gap between these two franchises.

If this offseason is Jeff Ireland's last stand as the Dolphins' general manager then he's got to go all out.

Every free agent the Dolphins sign, every draft pick the organization adds with their bounty of nine selections needs to do more than get Belichick's attention. It better make the hooded one angry, jealous, or evoke an emotion that warrants a curse word.

Signing Mike Wallace was a good start. The go-route specialist has scored 32 touchdowns in his first four seasons, which is more than every one of his peers except Randy Moss, Calvin Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald and Marques Colston.