Last year, it was quarterback Ryan Tannehill. Two years ago, it was center Mike Pouncey. Three years ago, it was defensive end Jared Odrick.

The Miami Dolphins haven't been afraid to raise eyebrows and go slightly against the grain with their recent first-round draft picks. And it sounds as if they won't be afraid to be bold again, if necessary, with the No. 12 pick in this year's draft.

"If history repeats itself, I don't really care what the public perception is," general manager Jeff Ireland said. "I care about what my scouts say and what my eyes are telling me."

At least one other NFL general manager thinks going against the grain is an admirable strategy.

"If you just agree with everyone, then you have shelter," said Indianapolis' Ryan Grigson. "If you stand outside the pack and you beat the drum for something that's not popular, then you stand alone.