The Miami Dolphins are looking to conduct major stadium renovations, including adding a canopy over the seating areas of Sun Life Stadium and moving the seats closer to the field, while trying to lure Super Bowl L, the 2016 50th anniversary celebration of the NFL's championship game. But, to complete the upgrades, the team is asking for $199 million in public funding to be added to the $201 million promised by owner Stephen Ross.

Miami-Dade County and the Dolphins recently agreed to hold a public referendum on the proposed public funding, which would come from a $3 million per year sales tax rebate from items sold within Sun Life Stadium over the next 30 years, as well as a one-cent increase in the hotel, or "bed" tax.

The Dolphins, who were initially against the public referendum, saying it could not be completed prior to the NFL Owners Meeting May 22, when the host of Super Bowls L and LI will be determined, are now hoping to lock in the date of the vote. The team is pushing for a May 14 referendum, according to a Miami Herald report.

However, the county does not seem quite as ready to move to a vote as the team. Dolphins CEO Mike Dee and Mayor Calos Gimenez discussed the situation on Friday. After the meeting, the Herald reports, Giminez left feeling this was just the first of a series of negotiations needed before he can take a proposed referendum date to the county commission.