FOX Sports' Ken Rosenthal had an interesting note in his column yesterday in which he discussed which GM deserves credit for the 2011 Diamondbacks, a club that's been shaped in some ways by four different GMs – and, as Rosenthal notes, by a former scouting director who has been taking some credit himself.

It's a fascinating question, given that each general manager has ties to several key contributors on the club.

Joe Garagiola Jr. was the GM -- and Nationals GM Mike Rizzo the scouting director -- when the club drafted Stephen Drew and Justin Upton and signed Miguel Montero and Gerardo Parra.

Josh Byrnes presided over the acquisitions of Ian Kennedy and Chris Young, and he was in charge, with Tom Allison the scouting director, when Josh Collmenter, Wade Miley, Paul Goldschmidt and prospect Jarrod Parker were drafted, among others.

Then there's Jerry Dipoto's brief run, during which time the club acquired Daniel Hudson and prospects Tyler Skaggs, Pat Corbin and David Holmberg. And Dipoto also played a big part in the draft the past several years.

And there's Kevin Towers, the current GM, who reshaped the bullpen and strengthened the bench. Towers also deserves credit for a lot of other things going on right now, from the decision to add Collmenter to the 40-man roster in November to the state of the farm system, which went mostly untouched in the off-season and at the trade deadline.

Rosenthal used a quote Rizzo gave the Washington Post's Thomas Boswell in which Rizzo says the Diamondbacks are the team he and former scout Kris Kline put together. "That's our team," he said.

That sounds like a huge stretch, but I'm sure what Rizzo is thinking is that the club doesn't get a lot of the players it has if not for the players he brought in. That is, they wouldn't have Kennedy if he didn't draft Max Scherzer. They wouldn't have Joe Saunders, Skaggs and Corbin if he hadn't drafted and/or signed the players that landed them Dan Haren.

Of course, you can play that game ad infinitum, which is why Rosenthal is exactly right when he says it's "always entertaining" to watch people jostle for credit. Fact is, a lot goes into the development of every player, and trying to determine who's most responsible is sort of an impossible task.