The Knicks City Dancers might want to come up with a new name for themselves, since they haven’t been doing much dancing lately.

In fact, Tuesday night at the Garden during the Knicks’ loss to the Bobcats, the Dancers who normally perform several times a game during halftime and timeouts did not perform one single routine and were nowhere to be found at halftime.

The only dancing done on the night was in the crowd with 10:30 left in the fourth when the video board displayed a Dance Cam showing fans showing off their moves in the crowd.

The Daily News reported in Tuesday’s editions that the benching of the dance team came on orders from unhappy Garden chairman James Dolan, although no one seems to know why.

The first sign of Knicks City Dancers on Tuesday came right before the game during Knicks player introductions. They surrounded the players and briefly danced — more like a shuffle — with orange glow sticks.

They did not make an appearance during two first-quarter timeouts and did not perform after the end of the first quarter. The dancers came out twice after the end of the second quarter, and on both occasions they merely tossed T-shirts into the crowd.