There have been plenty of theories floated through the years about why the Blue Jays have not been in the post-season since 1993.

We’ll give you another one — not enough sex.

Hey, we don’t mean the players and, on that topic, we have no idea of how they’re doing.

We mean the fans, the exhibitionists that used to go at it in the centre-field windows of the hotel — now a Renaissance — that features a whack of suites with picture-window views of the field.

Back in the late 1980s and early ’90s when the Blue Jays were perennial contenders, people having sex in the windows of the hotel was a common occurrence.

But not these days.

I mean, are the two somehow connected?

Do couples have to start ramping up their libidos in the hotel to get the Jays going again?

Would that be a sign that they’ve turned a corner and are headed for the promised land of a post-season berth?

Adam Lind has been with the big-league club since 2006 and he hasn’t seen a thing, not as much as a kiss.

Neither has Casey Janssen, the Jays closer who, like Lind, broke into the bigs in 2006.