Q: Ira, this time LeBron James passes and he's a genius, talking about eye contact with a defender, Dwyane Wade talking about LeBron made a special pass. What happens if the shot doesn't go in? -- Javier, Miami.

A: But it did, because this time LeBron wasn't deferring to Udonis Haslem, or, to be honest, even to Wade. He was deferring to the all-time 3-pointer leader who was spotted up in his all-time favorite place. It was as if it was Damon Jones in the corner all over again (OK, a bit of a stretch, but you get the point). An open Ray Allen is worth the risk LeBron took. Could he have gotten to the rim, created a foul, and made at least one free throw for a tie? Sure. But if that doesn't work, then he's questioned for not taking advantage of Allen being on the floor and in the clear. Now, if he would have passed to Mario Chalmers, we might be talking about a different level of deferral and ensuing inspection.

Q: Where has this Chris Bosh been? He was ballin' like he owned the place Saturday. -- Steve, Miramar.

A: And he has been doing it the entire first week of the season, simply needed to do more on Saturday in a game that required more. Are the Heat going to have three starters in the All-Star Game? You probably saw the starting front court in action Friday in New York, with LeBron, Bosh and Carmelo Anthony. Heck, Bosh's Saturday upstaged Carmelo's Friday.