When the Raiders entered the off-season they were thought to be a pretty good amount over the salary cap. The usual talk of not being able to make any significant free agent acquisitions and losing all their own free agents has dominated any such conversation.

The most common conversation with the regard the Raiders salary cap situation has been that of Carson Palmer and his $13 million salary and $15 million against the salary cap. It's as if their entire future relies upon him taking a pay cut. And if he doesn't, he must be cut. But how true is that, really?

The Raiders were a projected $8 million over the salary cap as the season was ending. Bleak by some folks' viewpoint. It's a far cry from the $22 million the Raiders were a season ago. And yet, despite the "cap jail" the team was still able to keep many of their core players, and sign a few new ones. All while not even touching the big contracts of guys like Darren McFadden and Darrius Heyward-Bey. This year is really nothing compared to that mess. So, why does it seem like the same reaction to the Raiders' salary cap situation?