The team that gave us “Mannywood” is at it again.

“Yasiel Puig will wear No. 66. You will not want to miss his #Dodgers debut. Trust us,” the Dodgers tweeted from their official account Sunday night, complete with a link to purchase individual game tickets at Dodger Stadium.

A rival executive offered a more sober perspective, saying his team’s reports on Puig boiled down to a relatively simple analysis:

“Tools and holes.”

One way or another, this will be interesting.

Puig, 22, has played all of 63 minor-league games, and now the Dodgers want to turn him into the second coming of . . . what exactly? Manny? Bo Jackson?

No, in a perfect world . . . Mike Trout.

“You don’t want to build him up to where it’s impossible for him to live up to all the hype,” Dodgers manager Don Mattingly told reporters Sunday. “In my mind, he’s still a young player, obviously with huge potential.

“There’s still so much baseball, and I don’t say that in a flippant way that these games don’t matter. But you saw with the Angels and Mike Trout last year, he came up and things completely turned around what he brought to the table. It’s unfair to say that happens here, but he could make a big impact.”

Could, no question. Puig was ridiculous in spring training. He was close to ridiculous at Double-A. But unlike Trout, who would have opened last season with the Angels if he had not been ill during spring training, Puig never was expected to advance this quickly.