Robinson Cano likely lost a big ptential suitor when the Dodgers agreed to a $28-million four-year deal with Cuban second baseman Alexander Guerrero.

Folks figured once Cano hired Jay Z as one of his agents he'd be likely to stay in pinstripes anyway. But don't assume he won't have outside opportunities just because the big-spending Dodgers seem like a less likely fit now.

Cano the top free agent on the market could possibly draw interest to varying degrees from about 10 outside teams including the Rangers Tigers Cubs Mariners Blue Jays Orioles White Sox Nationals Angels and Giants in addition to the Yankees.

Now obviously some of these teams seem less likely than others. But that's a pretty fair list of teams that have the resources and could potentially make the room.

In the case of many of these teams there's a reason or two Cano may not be a perfect fit (mostly it's the money). But with a player of this stature teams have been known to make room.

The Rangers don't have much of an infield need since they have Ian Kinsler and Jurickson Profar for second base. The Tigers already have a high payroll for their market. While the Angels are expected to consider trades for second baseman Howie Kendrick their bigger need would still be pitching.

The Orioles haven't spent for a top-tier free agent in years. The Nationals like Anthony Rendon who'll presumably have to stay at second since Ryan Zimmerman bounced back to finish strong at third base. The Cubs seem to prefer even younger players for their major expenditures.