On the surface, the Los Angeles Dodgers' interest in veteran third baseman Scott Rolen makes sense. The Dodgers don't have a legitimate third baseman, and Rolen has quite the lengthy and impressive resume.

In the same breath, the interest is somewhat curious. Rolen, 38 in April, is coming off two injury-riddled seasons in which he hit a combined .244/.301/.397 for the Cincinnati Reds. For a player well past his prime, that isn't too shocking. But in 2010, Rolen put up respectable numbers -- .285/.358/.497 with 20 home runs, 34 doubles and a 4.9 fWAR. It wasn't that long ago he was a productive big leaguer, but it'd be foolish to expect that kind of production ever again from Rolen.

The Dodgers' interest in Rolen doesn't bode particularly well for incumbent third baseman Luis Cruz and his playing time.

Cruz's solid season seemingly came out of nowhere, as he hit .297/.322/.431 in 296 plate appearances. Modest numbers for sure, but considering he had a .221/.275/.260 triple-slash line in 56 career games from 2008-10, he looked like a world beater.