Dodgers left fielder Carl Crawford dove a moment too late when Trevor Cahill's sinking line drive failed to sink into his glove in the second inning Monday, giving the Arizona Diamondbacks their first two runs.

Crawford dropped Didi Gregorius' fly ball just a moment too soon for the umpires' liking in the fifth inning. One batter later, the Diamondbacks had a 5-0 lead.

In the ninth inning, Matt Kemp's throw home from center field was just a moment too late. A.J. Ellis' meaningless tag on Cody Ross was the finishing touch on the Dodgers' 9-2 loss.

All the little things added up to the Dodgers' fifth consecutive defeat, one that sent them plunging to sole possession of last place in the National League West. Combined with the San Diego Padres' win earlier in the day, the Dodgers took over fifth for the first time since July 22, 2011.

"It's frustrating," said starter Chris Capuano, who couldn't get out of the fifth inning in his second start of the season. "We're trying to come to the park fresh every day.

"As much as I tell myself not to press, maybe I take a little more on my shoulders than I need to and I'm a little tight out there."

Maybe Capuano is not alone.

The Dodgers' payroll is the largest in baseball history but by May 7 it has left them 5 1/2 games behind the first-place San Francisco Giants. Monday's game was played in front of the smallest home crowd of the season, 30,981.