Even though the Los Angeles Dodgers and Andre Ethier agreed to a 5-year contract extension earlier in the season, the team is willing to move their star rightfielder. This comes as a surprise to most Dodgers fans, but this would be a good move in the long run for Los Angeles.

Personally, I don't think Andre Ethier is that great of a ballplayer. He certainly isn't one who deserves a 5-year, $85 million contract. And considering the Dodgers have a bit of a logjam in the outfield once Carl Crawford is healthy, it makes sense for them to shop Ethier to other teams.

Ethier was solid last season. His slash-line was a respectable .284/.351./.460/.811, which aided him to his second highest fWAR (3.4) of his career. But that's pretty much what you are going to get out of Ethier, especially in Dodger Stadium. He will never be a .550 slugging player, nor will he ever be a 5-win outfielder. Even with the extension, it's the perfect time to trade him.