With friends like these Alex Rodriguez doesn’t need enemies — probably just more lawyers.

Rodriguez managed to open a new door for doping investigators Wednesday when he put forward a New Jersey doctor to contradict the Yankees’ diagnosis of his quad injury; the doctor orthopedist Michael Gross of Hackensack University Medical Center was reprimanded in February for “failing to adequately ensure proper patient treatment involving the prescribing of hormones including steroids.”

When notified by the Daily News of the reprimand Gross received from the New Jersey State Board of Medical Examiners — the reprimand was first reported by SNY — a league source said Major League Baseball’s investigation of Rodriguez in the Biogenesis case would expand.

“This has caused MLB to now expand its investigation (of A-Rod) in regard to his relationship with this doctor and this wellness clinic” said the source.

According to the reprimand letter which stated that the New Jersey attorney general originally opened the matter Gross started a clinic called Active Center for Health and Wellness where he permitted an individual “who had completed medical school but did not have a medical license to participate in the care and treatment of the patients.”

During an interview on SNY’s “Daily News Live” program Gross was asked specifically about the reprimand and said “It’s a closed matter.” Gross called the Active Center for Health and Wellness a “separate practice.”

“One of the people who worked there was a physician who completed medical school who finished a residency but he wasn’t a licensed physician in New Jersey. We never maintained that he was a physician but in an unrelated investigation of a lot of wellness centers the board came across that” Gross said on SNY. “I met with the board. I received (the reprimand). It’s a closed matter.

“But it has nothing to do with Alex. I really don’t think it’s germane to this. (Rodriguez) has never been a patient here. He’s never been treated here. We don’t prescribe anabolic steroids. We never have. We prescribe what’s called bio-identical hormones for men with low testosterone like what you see on television all the time. We prescribe testosterone.”