Los Angeles Clippers coach Doc Rivers said Monday he believes owner Donald Sterling made the racial comments attributed to him in a controversy that has drawn worldwide scorn, and he is considering his own future with the franchise.

Rivers, who signed a three-year, $21 million contract last summer to become the Clippers coach and vice president of basketball operations, said he's unsure whether he'll return to the team if Sterling remains owner.

"I don't want to answer that question," Rivers said. "I don't know. This just happened."

The NBA has scheduled a news conference for 2 p.m. ET Tuesday to discuss details of its investigation into the audio recordings published by TMZ and Deadspin in which Sterling is alleged to have said that he doesn't want the woman on tape – identified as V. Stiviano – bringing black people to games.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver said Saturday the league's constitution allows it wide-ranging power to levy a variety of sanctions against Sterling, but he has not specified the possible punishment Sterling could be facing.

"This is a very important decision," Rivers said. "I hope it's a very strong message, and I believe that it will be. Other than that, I am going to let the league do what it needs to do."