When Doc Rivers was in Boston, rumors were a pretty common commodity about possible trades. Every week for three years, there were discussions leaked to the media about possible trades. And every time Doc Rivers would deny that they were going on. Ray Allen confirmed that several that the Celtics denied ever having taking place were actually true.

Oh, and he denied right up until he left for the Clippers that he wanted out of Boston, too.

But of course, that didn't stop the parade of (falsely) righteous indignation on Saturday as Rivers sounded off about the rumors of the Clippers and Knicks considering a trade of Carmelo Anthony for Blake Griffin.


And Rivers can take this approach consistently because trades are rare in the NBA and this one would be extremely difficult for both teams to justify. But that doesn't mean it was "created." Someone on both teams spoke to create this rumor. Otherwise, the rumor would have just said that one team had thought about it.

Is a reporter for a major outlet going to fabricate a rumor like that, damaging credibility? Is it worth it? Why these two players? Why not Chris Paul and Dwight Howard, or something? But then, because it can't be proven due to it being done on background, Rivers isn't exposed at all in blasting the idea.