In a deal that has experienced more deaths than Willy Loman on Broadway, the Celtics and Clippers finally reached agreement last night on a transaction that will send coach Doc Rivers to Los Angeles for an unspecified first-round pick, ending this infamous Doc-udrama.
The Clippers, perhaps under pressure from star point guard Chris Paul, re-approached the Celtics yesterday, for the first time willing to meet the asking price of a first-round draft choice.
Talks had broken down Friday over the Clippers’ refusal to comply with the C’s demand for a first-round pick. That changed yesterday, when it dawned on the Clippers the Celtics weren’t bluffing. The Clippers had gone so far as to interview Byron Scott on Friday night for the job opening.

A league source close to negotiations declined to name the year of the pick — the Celtics had hoped to land an extra pick in the much-anticipated 2014 draft, a non-starter for the Clippers — though the pick is believed to be in the 2015 draft.
The source added that the Celtics, who have walked away from this process three times because of the Clippers’ refusal to part with anything more than a second-round pick, are still extremely cautious about what they believe is finally a finished deal.
“They’re a little bit leery,” said the source. “They have to be cautious after everything that has gone on. I know everyone is reporting that it’s done, but the deal’s not quite done yet, though it appears it will be.”