Goalie Mike Smith and captain Shane Doan are constantly in conversation, even during games.

Doan regularly skates past Smith’s crease, especially after the goalie allows a goal, and gives a pep talk along with a whack on his pads for encouragement.

But apparently, Smith is also a cheerleader for Doan.

“He gets in the locker room here and pouting around, saying, ‘I can’t score,’” Smith said. “I think we talked about it before the last game. He’s like, ‘Everything’s hitting him right in the chest,’ and I’m like, ‘Keep shooting. At least you’re getting opportunities to score. At the start you weren’t getting the opportunities. Now you’re getting them. Now you’re still moaning and complaining that you’re not scoring.’”

No one was probably prouder than Smith, then, when Doan scored two power play goals Saturday against the Washington Capitals — one with 1:46 left to tie the game at 3 and push it to overtime before the Coyotes pulled out a 4-3 shootout win.