Forget about the Whiteout and the overtime thrillers and the transformation of men with beards into gleeful little boys.

Yes, the Stanley Cup playoffs are a celebration of all that.

But in Phoenix — for the last three years — they’ve also been a distraction from an ownership saga that reached its four-year anniversary Sunday.

The Coyotes were excluded from the postseason party this spring and now the off-ice problems have stolen the spotlight, casting a menacing pall over off-season proceedings because the group that finished the season could look very different from the one that will reconvene in the fall — wherever that may be.

Many predict a resolution in the coming months, and the changes — from the roster to the location — could be drastic.

And yet tethered to the franchise is captain Shane Doan, who hasn’t regretted his decision to sign a four-year contract last summer to remain with the Coyotes amid this uncertainty.

“Not at all,” he said. “Not at all. Not once have I ever thought that. The group of guys in here is the reason why. Obviously I’m a huge fan of the city, the Valley. The organization has been great to me. But the group of guys that are in this room, that’s why you choose to stay and you stay.”

If anyone should feel betrayed by the ongoing ownership drama, it’s Doan. He cemented his loyalty to the franchise by agreeing to stay while turning down offers for more stability from Stanley Cup contenders.

Doan has said the Coyotes were always going to be his pick, but he did communicate regularly with potential buyer Greg Jamison last summer when Jamison was confident his bid to purchase the team would be successful.

Jamison had a deadline of Jan.31 to complete the purchase of the team to save a lucrative arena management deal with the City of Glendale and once the deadline passed without a resolution, the ownership situation was hard to ignore because the players were aware of that deadline.