Over the last few weeks, the Grizzlies new ownership and front office have taken a huge hit from the media and fan base for how they are running things. Lionel Hollins has taken shot after shot for pouting about having his star taken away and his poor player management. It’s high time that someone call out that other group responsible for the recent slide, the guys in Beale Street blue that are actually suiting up and losing the games; the players.

The recent play from the Grizzlies has been atrocious, and inexcusable. I get it, they feel like the front office is playing the money game and making all their decisions from a financial stand point, but that does not give them the right to play with their heads down and their lips out. These are grown men getting paid handsomely to play a game, the very least they can do is act like it. The team mantra for the last few seasons has been "All Heart: Grit and Grind." The last week though, there has been no heart, no grit, and no grind. There’s been pouting, laziness, lethargy. Its one thing to get beat; it’s another thing entirely to be beaten. Right now, the Grizzlies look beaten, defeated, and lifeless.

Tony Allen reiterated last night that this is the same core that was within a quarter of advancing to the Western Conference Finals, he just didn’t know, "why we aren’t fighting like it." The problem is, it’s not that they just aren’t fighting like the team who stole all our hearts two years ago, these guys just flat out aren’t fighting.

Last night, there were multiple occasions where the Hawks scored with 10 seconds or less coming off the shot clock, and the Grizzlies took a full five seconds standing around pointing, complaining, and casually walking with their heads down before inbounding the ball. That is heartless, gutless basketball. Worse than that, if it gets worse than that, they have been giving up fast-break points off of made baskets! They are failing to set up their half court defense because they don’t care enough to get back in time to do so. A team built around their defensive identity currently can not stop a group of wheel chair grannies from driving to the basket on them. Their body language screams that they are right smack dab in the middle of an "all is lost!" moment. I couldn't help but Kanye last night as I wondered outloud, "How could you be so heartless?" It needs to stop, now.