Near the end of his news conference on Tuesday, after fortifying his blue line with the signings of Brooks Orpik and Matt Niskanen, and adding to his goal crease with the addition of Justin Peters, Capitals general manager Brian MacLellan was asked if he thought the Caps have enough depth at the forward position.

“I do,” he responded. “We’re real deep on the right side. We’re still going to look to see if we can add something up the middle. The left side’s pretty good also.

“I think our forwards have always been good. It’d be great to add another center. It there’s opportunity out there, we’ll pursue it.”

The Capitals made an effort to re-sign center Mikhail Grabovski, but when the price became too prohibitive – his agent is believed to be seeking five years at $5 million per season – MacLellan said the Caps decided the money was better spent on two defensemen than one.

“It was a high number and I think probably today is the day it comes down,” MacLellan said on Tuesday.