How odd that the most expensive team in the majors also faces more unresolved issues than any other. But as we begin 2014, such is the state of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

It would be premature to call the Dodgers a powder keg, seeing as how the team won 92 games and reached the National League Championship Series while confronting many of the same problems.

Still, the potential for distraction is considerable.

Some of these questions are likely to be resolved by Opening Day, or even the start of spring training. Not all of them will be, though. And in the meantime, other issues might arise.

In no particular order, here is a list of the Dodgers’ loose ends:

• Don Mattingly. His lame-duck status was a major talking point last season, and guess what? As of this moment, he’s a lame duck again.

Mattingly’s $1.4 million option for ’14 vested when the Dodgers reached the NLCS, yet that remains the extent of the team’s commitment.

Reports in early November said the two sides were talking about an extension. Two months later, a deal is still not done.

Maybe it’s only a matter of time before the Dodgers announce an extension for Mattingly. Until then, his future is an open question.