As he said in Germany during the Mavericks’ preseason European trip, Dirk Nowitzki still plans to sign another contract after his current deal expires after the 2013-14 season.

Not that there weren’t some antsy moments for him when he was struggling earlier this season.

“I had some doubts here when I came back,” Nowitzki said. “It took so long. Is it ever going to come back? It was a tough stretch for me coming back from the surgery. But the way I feel now, I still think I can play a couple of years.

“I’ve got this year and next year under contract, so I’ll be 36 and for sure play a couple of more years.”

Nowitzki even mentioned the possibility of becoming a 40-year-old role player.

“Yeah, I mean, we’ll see how it goes,” he said. “Like I said, when my contract’s up, I’ll definitely sign a couple more years. It’s still fun, but I don’t know if I’ll play until 40. But [I’ll] definitely sign one more deal, maybe two or three years.