It’s all about supply and demand. And despite what was a perceived regression in terms of television ratings during the 2016 NFL season, the demand is surely still there. It’s the most popular sport in North American. That’s not even up for debate at this point.

So leave it to cable and satellite providers to look for a way to continue making some cold-hard cash off the billion-dollar industry.

According to Cord Cutter News, AT&T, the parent company of DIRECTV, announced this week that there will be a 9. 3 percent increase in subscription pricing to the NFL Sunday Ticket in the lead up to the 2017 NFL season. That’s up from the 2.4 percent price hike we saw prior to this past season.

Simple math seems to suggest that the overall cost of a subscription to the popular service will be nearly $282.00. It’s most definitely a significant increase in cost for the average consumer.