During the first round of the playoffs Golden State Warriors owner Joe Lacob ran the sidelines in a yellow T-shirt with the words "LOUD. PROUD. WARRIORS" on the front.

On Tuesday he turned the volume up on the personal pride he takes in owning the team and fired Mark Jackson, the man who was able to do something for his franchise that hadn't been done in more than 20 years. Something that made the then-asinine $450 million he spent to purchase the Warriors in 2010 make sense. Jackson took the Warriors to back-to-back playoff appearances for the first time since the 1990-91 and 1991-92 seasons.

That's why, unlike the typical "seen-it-coming" firings that happen to coaches once the team's season ends, the exit of Jackson comes with questions and concerns that may never be answered or understood.

Little insight came from the words Jackson tweeted hours after his firing: "Thanks to the Warriors organization for the opportunity u gave me. Thanks to DubNation for all your Support!! Thanks to my Players! I Love U! We accomplished A lot together! I wish u all Nothing but the Best!! God Bless."

Read deeper into the words he chose and you can find the hand of God wrapped around it.

"From a personal standpoint -- having been in the venture-capital industry for 30 years and 70 companies that built and grew -- it is very rare to ever see one CEO be the CEO from the startup all the way to the equivalent of winning a championship," are the words Lacob chose to use in an interview explaining the firing.

"I do think there is this concept, which I happen to subscribe to, that there is the right CEO, the right leader for an organization at different phases or stages of its growth cycle. You could conclude that maybe Mark was the perfect coach at the time, three years ago, because he actually was a good choice. Mark Jackson came in here and changed the culture of the basketball team. Mark Jackson came in here and had a tough first year and turned it around on the court. He did that. He gets kudos for that. He gets credit for that. You cannot take that away from him. Even in this playoff series, I would say that he was not outcoached. ...