The Dallas Stars are rebranding with a new logo, new uniforms and perhaps a new attitude. Naturally, the organization is pretty excited about the coming changes, with plans to unveil them all on June 4.

Everything has been kept under wraps, but the Stars might have accidentally let the cat out of the bag Thursday night on its official smart phone app.

One eagle-eyed Stars fan noticed something different in the wallpaper section of the app and shared it with Twitter.

A source within the Stars organization would neither confirm nor deny that what appeared on the app is indeed the new logo, but considering where it leaked, it's pretty incriminating.

It would appear the circular logo, which has been all the rage in the NHL of late particularly on third jerseys, is not the primary mark. It's more likely that the circular logo would be a third jersey or shoulder patch logo. It's way too bland to be a primary mark.

If you look at the photos of Jamie Benn and Kari Lehtonen, however, the D surroundeFrom a pure local marketing angle, the star and D is probably going to play well.

The Stars have long tried to tie itself more closely to Dallas and this logo certainly accomplishes that. by a star looks more like the main logo.