One of two things happened. Either a Hall of Fame writer just leaked the most harmful piece of insider information in the history of the Edmonton Oilers, or a Hall of Fame writer got so excited to write a narrative that he got carried away with a story that isn't true.

I'll tackle the least interesting part first. Jim Matheson wanted to talk about the trade (which makes sense), and while he was doing it he got a little carried away and injected his own opinion on the matter, forgetting that Justin Schultz was signed long after the trade. Mistakes happen and I get that (Hell, I called Paajarvi Finnish in the top 25), and you can kind of forgive a writer for trying to make a story sound a little better or a little more interesting.

The far more damaging interpretation is that Jim Matheson is 100% correct. The Oilers wanted Nick Schultz to play with Justin Schultz. The problem is that at the time of the trade, Justin Schultz was a member of the Anaheim Ducks organization, which means the Oilers are guilty of tampering, and Jim Matheson just outed them.