In the closing minutes of the second period, Tyler Seguin took an uncalled cheap shot from Canadiens forward Alexei Emelin. Bruins captain Zdeno Chara took exception to the hit and charged after Emelin, earning himself 17 minutes of penalty minutes.

What happened in those 17 minutes? The Canadiens scored two goals, and ended up beating the Bruins because of it, 4-3.

Mike Felger is joined by Mike Milbury from NBC and Kevin Paul Dupont of the Boston Globe to determine whether or not Chara did the right thing by sticking up for Seguin.

Both Milbury and Dupont seem to think Chara did do the right thing, but it backfired on him.

Felger says that people defended Chara not fighting the Sabres' John Scott because he was needed on the ice, but are now saying he did the right thing by sticking up for Seguin even though it earned him time in the box.