Entering the final series of the Blue Jays’ disappointing season at the Rogers Centre the Tampa Bay Rays were in the driver’s seat of the wild-card race. There were 64 permutations and combinations involving the three remaining contenders and leading the Indians by one game and the Rangers by two the Rays simply needed to win two of three games to ensure hosting the wild-card game on Wednesday. The goal remains the same after losing the series opener 6-3 against the Jays’ ace R.A. Dickey.

The knuckleballer is suspected of being able convince the proper authorities in charge of the stadium to leave the roof closed on a clear September night because that’s what he truly believes works best for him — the closed environment. He denies any involvement in the decision.

“In truth I need to be able to pitch well no matter what the roof is” Dickey said. “I know that (my statistics) are better when it’s closed. It’s unfair to make a complete evaluation based on my first two months because I wasn’t myself. There’s a margin of error in there. I’m not sure what the formula would be. Take that away I’ve got to be good when the roof’s open when it’s closed it doesn’t matter.”

For two innings on Friday it certainly did not look like the dome closed was going to help in any way. With one out in the first Ben Zobrist homered into the Rays bullpen. With one out in the second inning Delmon Young homered into the Jays bullpen. It was Young’s 100th career homer.

In his first season with the Jays pitching 15 times against AL East opponents Dickey allowed 35 home runs and posted a 4.21 ERA above even his career mark of 4.03.