Told that his manager plans to give him his first day off Sunday, Diamondbacks catcher Miguel Montero shrugged.

"Well," he said, "161 then."

That's probably a stretch, but Montero proved to be one of the more durable catchers in baseball last season, tying with St. Louis' Yadier Molina for the most starts in the majors (131) at the position last season.

Diamondbacks manager Kirk Gibson said about 130 starts seem like a realistic target for Montero again this year but added that number could change in either direction based on factors such as length of games and weather.

"I'm ready to play every day," Montero said. "I take a lot of pride in that. I just love to play."

Montero is a high-energy personality. If his teammates are worn out from a long road trip, Montero might still be bouncing around the clubhouse.

"I feel like (the energy) helps me play a lot," he said. "And the days I feel a little down, I try to motivate myself because you don't always have energy every day.