Gerardo Parra will never forget how he felt when he was presented with his first Rawlings Gold Glove award. It happened during the Diamondbacks’ season-opening homestand a year ago, and just thinking about it now still moves him.

“I remember all my fans standing up and screaming my number,” Parra said. “I kept telling them, ‘Thank you,’ and it almost made me cry. It did. It really got to me.”

It should have. Parra, after all, came off a Gold Glove season only to learn he had lost his regular starting job in left field. The Diamondbacks gave it to newcomer Jason Kubel.

Parra didn’t complain then and isn’t complaining now, even though there are strong indications he will once again open the season as the team’s fourth outfielder.

Justin Upton is gone, but the Diamondbacks added veteran outfielder Cody Ross and have big plans for rookie center fielder Adam Eaton, whom they want to quickly develop into a starter and become their leadoff hitter.

For a player known for his feisty aggressiveness, Parra has refused to show any of it when it relates to his own playing time. He’s staying quiet and trying to stay patient.