During his three full seasons with the Los Angeles Angels, Mark Trumbo had pretty much learned not to listen to trade rumors. Each winter, the 28-year-old slugger’s name would come up in hot-stove scenarios, and Trumbo would just tune it out. If anything got serious, his agent would let him know.

This winter, things got serious. Several teams called about Trumbo, who allowed himself to play out some scenarios in his head. But when he found out it was the Diamondbacks who were after him — and as an outfielder, not a corner infielder — that was news indeed.

“I was very surprised, to be honest,” Trumbo said. “There were certain other teams that had come up quite a bit as far as being interested in possibly acquiring me. You play mental scenarios out, and this is one that I’d never really considered.”

The Diamondbacks are mostly interested in Trumbo’s bat. He’s hit 95 homers over the past three seasons, and Arizona coveted more power in the lineup. The 6-foot-4 235-pounder had played 308 of his 444 career games at either first or third, but the Diamondbacks were already set at those positions with Paul Goldschmidt and Martin Prado.

So Trumbo would play left field, a spot he’s manned 75 times in the majors. He does not have a reputation as a defensive wizard in the outfield, and seeing him taking batting practice with a position group of Tony Campana (5-8), Gerardo Parra (5-11) and A.J. Pollock (6-1) really drives home the difference in body types.