J.J. Putz has said he wants to finish his career with the Diamondbacks. The deal he agreed to on Monday may or may not take him that far, but it will at least get him one year closer.

Putz, whose $6.5 million option for 2013 was exercised in October, agreed to a $7 million extension for 2014, meaning he's locked in through age 37.

It's a little unexpected the Diamondbacks would give him this extra year given that they already have David Hernandez and Heath Bell under contract for 2014, but Putz has been very good for them the past two seasons, and $7 million is by no means outrageous.

Given the contracts Brandon League ($21 million, three years) and Jonathon Broxton ($21 million, three years) received this off-season and the big deals that Jonathan Papelbon ($50 million, four years), Bell ($27 million, three years) and even Joe Nathan ($14.5 million, two years, while coming off Tommy John) received last off-season, Putz's deal seems about right.

If you want to say General Manager Kevin Towers is committing too much money on the bullpen, I'm not going to argue there. With Putz, Hernandez, Bell, Brad Ziegler and Tony Sipp, the Diamondbacks are spending about $17.5 million, meaning they'll be spending around $18.5 million on the Opening Day bullpen next year. That's about 20 percent of their total payroll, assuming a $95 million payroll, and about 22 percent if they're around $85 million, which is where they'd be if they were to trade their right fielder. (By comparison, the New York Yankees spent about $30 million on their five most-used relievers from 2012 and the injured Mariano Rivera, but even that represented only 14 percent of their total payroll.)