The value of return man Dexter McCluster is higher in Kansas City than elsewhere. McCluster is a free agent this season.

Late in the Wild Card loss to the Indianapolis Colts, the Kansas City Chiefs faced a critical third down. Alex Smith's intentional grounding call had moved the down and distance to 3rd-and-17. The Chiefs, down one point, needed to move into field goal range to attempt the winning kick.

In a situation where they absolutely needed a play, the Chiefs called a play for Dexter McCluster. It was that receiver screen that we've seen Donnie Avery, who was already injured in the Chiefs playoff loss by that point, had run a few times.

McCluster didn't pick up the first down but that moment stuck with me because McCluster is scheduled to be a free agent. When I wonder if the Chiefs will attempt to bring him back, I go back to that play. The Chiefs looked for McCluster in the biggest moment of the season.

Partially because of that, I do think the Chiefs will attempt to bring McCluster back. His value is higher to the Chiefs than other teams largely due to his special teams ability. McCluster's 53 receptions for 511 yards is a nice number for a team's third receiver but it doesn't blow you away. What does blow you away is McCluster's work on special teams, where he returned 58 punt returns for 686 yards and two touchdowns.