Martin Brodeur is a great goalie; a no-doubt, first-ballot Hall of Famer; the winningest regular-season netminder in NHL history. Here comes the but ...

But Patrick Roy remains the best goalie ever.

A fourth Stanley Cup in his career would have given the Brodeur-is-better crowd more of a leg to stand upon in its argument. With the New Jersey Devils down three games to none to the Los Angeles Kings in the current Cup Finals, it doesn't look like it'll get the chance to say that.

In the head-to-head matchup between former Avalanche and Canadiens goalie Roy and Brodeur, the tally remains: four Cups for Roy, three for Brodeur. The actual, head-to-head matchup between Roy and Brodeur in a Stanley Cup Finals will always remain: Roy 1, Brodeur 0. Colorado's seven-game series victory over New Jersey in 2001 — when Roy was 35 and Brodeur 29 — made that the case.