Johan Hedberg should have known it was not going to be a typical shootout the moment half a hamburger came flying out of the crowd and landed on the ice at the very start of the tie-breaker.

Although the on-ice officials declared a do-over because of the distraction, the shootout wound up going six rounds before the Devils fell to the Boston Bruins, 2-1, Tuesday night at TD Garden.

With a 3-0-2 record, the Devils have captured at least one point in every game this season. They were 12-4 in shootouts last season so there is always a measure of disappointment when they don't prevail.

"It makes me angry to lose them. I want to win," Hedberg said. "I want to make that extra save to make sure we come out on top. If I don't, it's a little extra sour taste in my mouth. It usually evens out."