Much like teammate Justin Verlander, Detroit Tigers starting pitcher Max Scherzer wants to be a Tiger for life.
For now, he'll have to settle for being a Tiger just through 2014.

Scherzer signed a one-year contract with the Tigers in early February, agreeing to a $6.725 million deal to avoid arbitration.

Represented by agent Scott Boras, Scherzer acknowledged Thursday that both sides briefly discussed a multi-year contract, but they elected to "hammer out a one-year deal" instead.

"We were focused on trying to get a one-year thing done," Scherzer said. "But, if they really want to do a multi-year deal, I'm willing to listen because I love being apart of this organization."

The contract talks provided a strong opportunity for both sides to explore a multi-year deal for Scherzer, who has another year of arbitration eligibility before entering free agency following the 2014 season.

In the end, both sides decided to avoid a long-term extension -- a path Boras, who is notorious for advising clients to enter free agency, typically tries to avoid.
"I was happy to get it out of the way," Scherzer said. "Either way, at the end of the day, I was back with the Tigers and going to have a contract and get a nice payday."

Scherzer, who earned $3.75 million last season, settled for the midpoint between the $7.4 million he requested and the $6.05 million the team offered.

Should the Tigers re-open contract talks later this year, Scherzer is willing to listen, but he'd prefer the discussion to take place in the offseason.