As if it wasn't bad enough that he schooled the Yankees in ALCS Game 3, Justin Verlander dumped another load of misery on Bombers fans Thursday during Game 4. He took control of the TBS microphone in what amounted to a cheerleading session thinly disguised as an interview.

The decision to put Verlander on the air, sitting in the dugout wearing a headset mike with Detroit batting in the third inning, was a poor one. This wasn't a regular season tilt. It was a critical playoff game, a do-or-die situation for the Yankees. The spot was a distraction, with the camera focusing on Verlander then switching to game action.

All three TBS voices, Ernie Johnson, John Smoltz and Ron Darling, took turns asking questions. Throughout the playoffs, most of these dugout sessions were one or two question affairs conducted with a manager or coach during a commercial break, then replayed the following inning.

So, when Verlander came on live, the thought was it would be another quickie. Instead, it lasted the entire inning, with seven Tigers coming to the plate. Early on, Verlander said that in his past live dugout interviews, his team usually had scored at least one run. He said his consecutive microphone scoring streak was on the line.